Sushi Event – Thursday, Sept 30

– Menu –

steamed edamame with hawaiian sea salt

Nigiri Appetizer
maguro hawaiian ahi tuna – sake new zealand king salmon
hawaiian kajiki blue marlin – shredded carrot

Sushi Entree
“4-O Roll” – inside-out maki roll, hawaiian ahi tuna, unagi, avocado, spicy red pepper, cilantro, cucumber, and wasabi tobiko

“Tropical Roll” hawaiian Kajiki blue marlin, cilantro,
fresno red chiles, cucumber, and orange tobiko

maki roll of Hawaiian Blue Prawn tempura and spicy teriyaki pineapple

sake-poached baby squid stuffed with cilantro and sushi rice
finished with green tea-sake dressing

shredded daikon

candied hibiscus flower blossom in sparkling sake

Reservations are strongly suggested
sushi and sashimi are limited

appetizer $8 – sushi entree $38 – dessert $8
all courses ordered a la carte

our full menu is also avaialbe for the sushi-impaired
we also offer the finest selection of premium sakes, japanese beer, japanese tea, sushi-friendly wines, and sushi-friendly cocktails!

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