Sable Fish and Pork Osso Buco – Specials Jan 7 & 8

Happy New Year!

The specials are some of my favorites this weekend. Canadian Sablefish also known as Black Cod (which I belive blows away Chilean Sea Bass) pan-seared and broiled with a miso-maple-sake glaze to die for. Plus Duroc Pork Osso Buco, from hogs raised on Craig and Amy Goods farm in Olsburg. I like these pigs so much, I started naming them after my staff!

Some fun new items at the bar this week!

I added a Blue Blazer to the Classic Cocktail menu. This drink, invented by Jerry Thomas around 1850, is super-cool libation, and probably the first drink to really feature bar showmanship. It is basically a sling made with the a really good Single Malt Scotch (we use Talisker) that is ignited on fire and poured back and forth between to metal pitches (it’s named after the blue rainbow of fire that it creates). This drink was a favorite of President Grant, who once tipped Jerry Thomas with one of his cigars for making one! Our only restriction here is that we would like you to only order one while seated at the bar, so perhaps at the end of your next meal!

I also finished our homemade bitters after three months of working on them. While bitters usually only make up a few drops of a cocktail, then are truly the thing that defines the taste of the cocktail. In fact, by definition if you a drink does not contain bitters, it isn’t actually a cocktail! I researched old medicine and bartenders guides to find these recipes, and obtained various dried roots, tree barks, flowers, and spices to create these aromatic elixirs. Please be sure to check them out in the Classic Cocktail menu, or ask for a new bitter in your Old Fashioned next time.

Enjoy! – Scott

8 Sushi Appetizer – Thursday, Jan 6
Inside out roll of unagi, cucumber, avocado, red pepper, cilantro, wrapped with Hawaiian Ahi tuna
Spicy Salmon Handrolls
Nigiri of Candian Sablefish (really good stuff)
Shredded carrot and spicy shoyu sauce
Nigiri of Hawaiian Ahi

Specials – Friday, January 7
Soup – Cream of Artichoke with toasted hazelnuts
Special – Canadian Sablefish (Black Cod) pan-seared and glazed with a sake-miso-maple glaze, topped with lightly seasoned shredded daikon, served on a bed of Thai-spiced mashed sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini
wine pairing – Selbach Riesling Kabinett

Specials – Saturday, January 8
Soup – French Onion with authentic Gruyere
Special – Locally-raised Duroc pork Osso Buco slow-braised in white wine with fresh herbs and aromatic vegetables, finished with lemon-parsley gremolata, served on a bed of saffron risotto, grilled asparagus.
wine pairing – Alan Jaume Rasteau, Cotes du Rhone Villages

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – Spicy homemade Yukon Gold potato chip with Maytag
Starter – Honey-lime poached Steelhead salmon crostini with cilantro pesto and creme fraiche
Entrees – Miso-glazed Canadian Sablefish, Duroc Pork Osso Buco
Dessert – Sticky Toffee Pudding – moist spiced date cake soaked with buttery toffee sauce, served warm with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream

Featured Cocktail
the perfect pre-meal drink! aperol (similar to campari, but less bitter), champagne, martin millers gin, cucumber peel.

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