Well, I think that it goes without saying that the final phase of construction
did not go exactly as one had anticipated; our opening was delayed an extra week. (Longest of my life!) Our most sincere apologies to those whose reservations we regrettably cancelled or missed over the last few days. Unfortunately, the code inspector would not allow me on the premises, so contact with guests has been severely limited. We hope very few were inconvenienced as a result.

At long last, this morning we received our certificate of occupancy. This means that as soon as the health inspector is able to drive here,
we are set to go!

Our doors will officially reopen on Friday, February 7.

The reservation system will be up and running tomorrow, so we hope that you make plans to join us this weekend and the quickly approaching
Valentine’s Day (February 14).

A special Grand Opening event will hopefully be scheduled in the near future. However, you are certainly welcome to dine with us before then.

Your patience and warm wishes have been very much appreciated over the last month. I promise it was worth the wait!

121 South 4th Street.

Scott, Rachel, and the 4 Olives Staff

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