Kajiki Marlin and Veal Chops – Specials Sept 2 & 3

The two dinners coming up are nearly sold out, and I haven’t even sent the menu out yet for the Cliff Lede dinner. Make certain you don’t miss out by making your reservations now.

This month we are featuring one of my very favorite cocktails, the Martinez. This drink probably was named after the town of Martinez California, or perhaps someone going there during the California Gold Rush. Jerry Thomas claimed to be the inventor of the cocktail, but the name seems to have been around before he started taking credit for it (he is still the godfather of bartending either way). This drink was impossible to make until recently because it contained a long forgotten style of gin called Old Tom. Old Tom is sweeter, and carries a little time in barrel, and until Ransom released a version of this just a few years ago, it was impossible to make the drink correctly. The Martinez is the missing link between the Manhattan and the Martini. It contains bitters (we make our own) and Sweet Vermouth (like a Manhattan) but the base spirit is Gin (like a Martini). It is served over a large ice cube to reduce melt. It is a serious drink, one that will likely make your list of favorites should you try one.

Enjoy! – Scott

Specials – Friday, September 2
Soup – Roasted Garlic and Cream
Special – Ultra-fresh Hawaiian Kajiki Blue Marlin, grilled with a spicy shoyu glaze and finished with mango salsa, served on a bed of steamed basmati rice, and stir fried fresh snow peas with red peppers and shiitake mushrooms.
wine pairing – Crios Torenntes Argentina

Specials – Saturday, September 3
Soup – French Onion with authentic Gruyere
Special – White veal chop pan-seared and finished with white wine pan deglaze and sauteed wild mushrooms, served on a bed of sauteed fresh green beans with shallots
wine pairing – Lohman Family Cabernet Sauvignon

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – avocado-buttermilk gazpacho
Starter – tempura of zuchini chips with roasted red pepper aioli
Entrees – Grilled Blue Marlin, Seared Veal Chop
Dessert – Almond cream apple tart- golden delicious apples, toasted almonds, finished with calvados whipped cream

Featured Cocktail – Martinez
ransom old tom gin, vya sweet vermouth, bokers bitters, lemon peel, large ice cube.

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