Kajiki Blue Marlin, Veal Chops with Porcini Specials Oct 1-2

A lot of people talk about using sustainable ingredients, or how fresh their fish is, but how fresh is it really? If you buy something through a wholesale location, that fish is likely already ten days old with all the sorting, cutting, and distribution time. The Blue Marlin we are serving this weekend is day boat caught YESTERDAY! I asked my broker to provide me with the certificate of origin, and it is available for you to take a look at, just ask the bartender. It will tell you that everything I buy is short line, day boat fish and even has the name of the boat. This fish is AMAZING, and probably fresher today then what is being served in Hawaii tonight! So, yes the fish is fresh in Manhattan Kansas!

One of my favorite ingredients is fresh Porcini Mushrooms, but they are expensive and rarely available fresh except a few weeks in the fall. So I put them together with an incredible veal chop prepared simply to focus on the wonderful flavors that are in the ingredients.

The wine dinner of the 20th will be awesome, don’t miss out!

Enjoy! – Scott

$8 Sushi – Thursday, September 30
Nigiri of Hawaiian Bigeye Tuna
Nigiri of Hawaiian Kajiki Blue Marlin
Nigiri of New Zealand King Salmon
Shredded Carrot

Specials – Friday, October 1
Soup – Fire roasted red pepper
Special – Ultra-fresh, Hawaiian Kajiki Blue Marlin (sushi grade) grilled with a lime-cilantro glaze and finished with a red pepper and papaya salsa, served on a bed of
Suggested Wine – Domaine Huet Vouvray

Specials – Saturday, October 2
Soup – French Onion with authentic Gruyere
Special – Milk-fed veal chop, pan-seared and fished with pan-deglaze of Madeira wine with fresh Porcini mushrooms and thyme, served on a spinach-garlic pesto spiced risotto.
Suggested wine – Poliziano Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (Tuscan Sangiovese)

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – Fire-roasted red pepper gazpacho
Starter – Five-spice dry rubbed, cider-braised Duroc pork ribs with buttermilk coleslaw
Entrees – Grilled Hawaiian Kajiki Blue Marlin, Pan-seared veal chop with fresh Porcini mushrooms
Dessert – Basque Apple Tart – Lightly spiced Honeycrisp apples in a thick, soft and sweet buttery crust. Served ala mode with our homemade vanilla bean ice cream

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