Hawaiian Spearfish, Teriyaki Kobe Steak – Specials Jan 28-29

Don’t miss out on the Hawaiian Sushi-Sashimi dinner this Thursday. I have been super craving fantastic sahimi lately, so I put a lot of hungry effort into this dinner. It will be one not to miss!

The Ladera Wine Dinner on February 22 is nearly sold out. Please make your reservations soon!

I am changing a few items up on the menu this week, so please be sure to ask about those.

The specials this weekend are certain to be amazing! Mishima Ranch Kobe steaks, Hawaiian sushi-grade Hebi (also known as Spearfish, a delicious member of the bill fish family that includes Marlin and Swordfish), and a sashimi appetizer!

Enjoy! – Scott

Sushi Appetizer – Thursday, January 27
Nigiri of Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
Nigiri of Hawaiian Walu (Escolar)
Nigiri of New Zealand King Salmon
Shredded daikon and carrot

Specials – Friday, January 28
Soup – White Miso Soup with tofu, wakame, and spring onions
Special – Ultra-fresh Hebi (Hawaiian Spearfish) grilled with a ginger-shoyu glaze, finished with papaya and red chili salsa, served on a bed of Hawaiian Blue Prawn stir-fried rice, with grilled zucchini.
wine pairing – Jermann Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy

Specials – Saturday, January 29
Soup – French Onion with authentic Gruyere
Special – Pan-seared Mishima Ranch Kobe KC Strip steak finished with house-made teriyaki sauce, served on a bed of ginger-spring onion risotto with grilled long beans in spicy shoyu.
wine pairing – Carter Cellars Revilo Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – Hawaiian Walu poke with daikon sprouts
Starter – Sashimi Plate of Hawaiian Ahi, Hawaiian Hebi, Hawaiian Walu, New Zealand King Salmon, Uni Sea Urchin Roe
Entrees – Grilled Hebi with ginger glaze, Teriyaki Kobe Steak
Dessert – Honey almond cakes with roasted pineapple zabaglione

Featured Cocktail – Blue Blazer
talisker single malt scotch from the isle of skye, lit on fire and poured between shakers, finished with orange peel.

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