Hawaiian Escolar, and Seared Duck Breast – Specials Oct 12 & 13

The Italian Wine Dinner is sold out, sorry but I really can’t take any more guests at this time.

Specials are going to be fantastic this weekend. With no home game, this weekend is a little slower than the last few. That means we have the extra time to prepare a little bit more difficult and interesting specials this weekend. I have some incredible Walu coming in from Hawaii, and excellent duck breasts from Michigan.

We added the pork belly and a very delicious basil-shrimp pasta dish to the appetizer menu this week.

Enjoy! -Scott

Special Entrees – Friday and Saturday
Soup – Fire Roasted Red Pepper
Special – Ultra-fresh, Hawaiian Walu (Escolar) grilled with sweet red pepper preserves, finished with unagi sauce, served on a bed of Thai spiced sweet potatoes, with grilled zucchini.
wine pairing – Kung Fu Girl Washington Riesling

Special – Moulard duckling breasts pan-seared with espresso-rum glaze, served on a bed of wild rice, fresh herb, and shallot pilaf, with grilled asparagus.
wine pairing – Frog’s Leap Zinfandel

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – Avocado-Buttermilk Gazpacho
Starter – Diver-caught sacallop with saffron-vanilla sauce
Entrees – Grilled Walu (Escolar), pan-seared Duck Breast
Dessert – spiced pumpkin cheesecake – pumpkin cheesecake with marshmallow creme fraiche topping and gingersnap crumbles

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