Grilled Scallops and Cedar Plank KC Strips

We still have three tables remaining for the Trimbach Alsace wine dinner. This dinner is going to be super cool, and really is a fantastic opportunity to try some pretty rare wines. These are the very wines that made a real believer out of me when it comes to beautiful white wines. The Riesling is bone dry, and just rated 93 points in Wine Spectator yesterday! There are only about 200 cases of the late harvest wine in the US to try, and it’s so good it will change your life! Don’t miss this dinner.

The specials this weekend represent the best of the grill. A shellfish with a crisp and bright cilantro-lime glaze, and a KC Strip grilled on a cedar plank. I’m going to make a smoky, hot mess of my chefs this weekend, but this dish is worth it!

This week and next I am making the biggest change ever to my wines by the glass. There will be seriously cool stuff here that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to check it out.

Speaking of wines, we keep all of our white wines at cellar temperature. Prolonged storage at refrigerator temperatures cause the corks to contract and the wines become oxidized, also yeast cells that remain in the wines become stale tasting, like old bread dough. If you are coming in and would like to have a bottle pre-chilled, just ask us when you make your reservation. We will be happy to have it ready for you. Also, if you are on a date, that might really impress your guest. I might even come to the door and ask “Your usual table sir?”

Enjoy! -Scott

Special Entrees – Friday and Saturday
Soup – Fire-roasted red pepper gazpacho, chilled
Special – Fresh Maine, diver-caught sea scallops, grilled with cilantro-lime glaze, served on a bed of polenta queso bianco and fire roasted green chiles with grilled zucchini.
wine pairing – Alberice Malvasia Italy

Special – Kansas-raised, dry-aged, Angus KC Strip Steaks grilled on cedar planks, finished with aromatic vegetables and house cured bacon in ginger barbecue glaze, topped with crispy shallots, and grilled asparagus.
wine pairing – Termes Tempranillo Spain

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – Avocado Gazpacho
Starter – Fresh, Prince Edward Island Mussels with garlic and herbs steamed in Sauvignon Blanc
Entrees – Grilled Scallops, and Cedar Plank Strip Steaks
Dessert – Flourless Chocolate Cake glazed with dulce de leche and finished with fresh strawberry mint salsa

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