Ginger Glazed Opah, Veal Chops Marsala – Specials July 1 and 2

I attended an oyster tasting on Tuesday and I had some great oysters and met some fantastic people! I spoke at length with Travis Croxton, one of the owners of Rappahannock River Oysters. I was ecstatic to learn that native oysters are now being cultivated in the rivers that empty into the Chesapeake Bay. When I grew up in Virginia, native oysters were already almost impossible to sample, as years of overfishing had made them rare and expensive. Travis’ company is a leader in cultivating native bay oysters (crassostrea virginica) at various locations in Virginia. Most of you have probably not ever enjoyed the unique combination of the soft, sweet plump meat with the natural brininess that only the waters of the Chesapeake can offer. Combine that with the deeper cup, younger age, and thinner shell that comes from the cultivation method, and dare I say that these oysters are even better than any I had as a kid. In addition, it is so much better for the environment than dredging and no sharp shells to cut your hands on! These oysters are so wonderful, I brought in three different locations: “Stingray” from the southern end of the Bay, “Rapphannock River” from the central Bay, and “Olde Salts” from the Eastern Shore. Seriously, DO NOT MISS OUT on this special!

They are all so good that they make me homesick, I might even go visit my family this year. Well, probably not, but maybe.

Enjoy! – Scott

Specials – Friday, July 1
Soup – Roasted Zucchini
Special – Ultra-fresh, Hawaiian Opah (Moonfish), grilled with ginger glaze and finished with kiwi fruit salsa and elderflower beurre blanc, finished on a bed of fresh heirloom purple, yellow and green beans sauteed with lemongrass and shallots.
wine pairing – First Drop Arneis Australia

Specials – Saturday, July 2
Soup – French Onion with authentic Gruyere
Special – Pan-seared milk-fed white veal chops finished with a pan-made sauce of Marsala and wild mushrooms with shallots, served on a bed of roasted pan squash and white truffle mashed potatoes.
wine pairing – Thorn Clarke Shotfire Quartage Cabernet Blend

This Weekend’s Prix Fixe Menu
Amuse – lobster and grilled corn salad on multi grain crostini
Starter – Virginia Oyster Trio, three each of Olde Salts, Rappahannock River, and Stingray Oysters served with our housemade raspberry vinegar mignonette and housemade cocktail sauce fresh on the half shell or barbecued
Entrees – Hawaiian Opah with ginger glaze, or seared veal chop
Dessert – Rustic Basque Apple Tart – sugar cookie style crust filled with spiced apples and served warm with cinnamon ice cream

Featured Cocktail – Mojito
ron matusalem rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, gomme syrup, hand-crushed ice, splash of soda water.
or try a raspberry mojito with fresh raspberries, made with agricole (sugarcane) rhum.

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